Secrets on closing a deal

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2000 --- Shaking Hands --- image100/Corbis (Newscom TagID: corimages024450)     [Photo via Newscom]

Secrets on closing a deal

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2000 --- Shaking Hands --- image100/Corbis (Newscom TagID: corimages024450) [Photo via Newscom]

You can say one thing and mean something else. You can easily read their body language

if they are ready to close a deal. Sales Tigers are very good at this. They use their body to strengthen their words.

The only thing you have to do is say the word they need to hear at the right time. Every client is unique and

have their time to be ready to close a deal.



Have the best first impression. Make sure they wonder from the moment you walked through that door

who you are. They don’t have to like you because its about the product .. believe me .. it does smoothens the conversation when they do like you

Make sure you wear something good,  Walk with a straight back and smile.

You may feel a bit nervous, but you look confident !


Be the 5 min friend.  Some people just like to get into the paperwork and get it down with. If you want to go for quality

make sure you build a business relationship. I always make sure they remember my name when i leave.

If you have a good product what will only benefit them, you always end up not talking about the product, but leaving with signature.


Depending on what you are selling. First what you do is observe the situation. Their body language, are they nervous or relaxed?

Open or Closed ? And work from that point.  Make sure to be the first to announce your getting serious and change your body language.

While giving your presentation pay attention to their body language.


Power presentation. During your presentation, you need to be excited. This is your time to sell your product. During this presentation, you need to observe their bodylanguage. One will look interested, one is almost falling a sleep and some are just natural. Make sure to get the attention of the ones excited and interested.


Now the big secret  : give them two choices and both of them is to close the deal. By doing this you make them feel like they are making a choice and you’re not telling them to close the deal. This won’t work for everyone. We have different styles on closing a deal. Keep updated by following our blog !


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