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“Who is Niko? Is it a person ? ” Annabel, 14 january 2016


Jeff and Freddie were sitting in the tram in Amsterdam, brainstorming about a name for this new concept they have been working on. A concept that today is notorious for being an infamous street magnet that attracts all the cool kids from the block. Every Thursday local, national and International artist will make it impossible for you to stand still. They always fill the dance floor.
But before I forget, where were we? Yes. The tram. Jeff and Freddie Mercure were inspirationless and above that, they did not have enough time anymore. The deadline for a name was due anytime now. ”Niko”, they heard from a distance. They looked up. A Russian couple were walking in the tram trying to find a seat. Et voila: Niko. was born right then and there. Maybe you guys think that this story is fake. But believe me, I couldn’t make this story up even if I wanted to. Now Niko. is inseperable from the Rotterdam partyscene. And they’re about to prove that again with their 4-years-anniversary coming up this April. Hopefully Niko. will see you there!


Having to host more than 200 hundred editions they are definitely one of the game changers that gave life to Rotterdam’s nightlife. They already agreed on a concept whilst not having all the details on paper yet. They took a risk and that’s what successful entrepreneurs do.  Having a plan and goals are essential for a business. Where others choose for save and security . . . Entrepreneurs just go for it and come up with a brilliant solution for everything. A brand that is so established it speaks for itself. This week we are honored to have an exclusive interview with one of the founders of Niko.


Jeff Solo

29 years old

Dj / Organisor / Co-Founder Niko


Working in a team can be difficult, especially when you have four talented and creative entrepreneurs, How do you guys deal with these kinds of situation?

At the beginning we had a lot of ups and downs, because everyone was used to doing things on their own and were convinced that their ideas where the best ones. We quickly realise that others may have different views than yours but we managed to use it in our advantage.  Sometimes you just need to realize you are not always the one that’s right. Be open voor feedback and other opinions.


Looking back at four years, What would you have done differently ?

Nothing actually. Maybe the times when we gave a party, invest a lot of money and people just didn’t showed up, but that wasn’t a big problem for Niko. Every business has those ups and down, but we had to go through those moments in order to know what we can improve or change. We could have turn it into something really commercial, but then maybe we would only exist three years.


Where do you wish to find yourself in five years.

We have hosted festivals, but now we would like to have our own Festival. Keep growing and continue what we are doing at the moment. Also to invite more national and International artist.


Curious who the team players are ?

The perfect combination of these talented men Jeff solo Tobias Prins, Freddie mecure and Musa lekatompessij are the reason why you should save the date !


Get your tickets here !

I’ll see you there !

with love,


Editor : Afaf Najua Pula

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