Need a few extra minutes in the morning ?

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Need a few extra minutes in the morning ?

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Want to know how to save those oh-so-precious minutes in the morning ?

These five tips can help you save time in the morning


Have a purpose

Take a good night rest. Before you go to sleep,  tell yourself what you’re going to do tomorrow and why. Make sure every day counts !

Tip : Sleep with light curtains and having sunlight waking you up slowly



Make sure you sleep at the same time for a week or two and have your 7/8 hours sleep. Your biological clock will automatically wake you up.

If you have the freedom to arrange your own schedule and you need 4 hours of sleep only, A power nap / siesta of 29 min will be the perfect thing !


Clothes : if your like me you will look at your closet and have no idea what to wear and will change into 23981201 outfits ending up wearing the first thing you picked out in the first place.

Deciding your outfit the night before will saves you time ! Tip : I scroll through internet and when i see a nice outfit I print screen it and save it in a folder so if you’re out of ideas just scroll and look for inspiration.



For the ladies and men with gorgeous long hair : You’re out of time and your hair is soaking wet and you have no time to style it properly and end up but it in a bun ? Wash your hair the night before,

I love to spray my hair with a serum and dry my hair in and old t-shirt. You will notice your hair is soft and easy to work with the next day !



Do you often switch your bags and forget those important things like your keys, USB-stick, power-bank, or even a pen. When you’re in a hurry you tend to forget things easily.

Prepare your bag the night before and check if you have everything you need.


Food & drinks

EAT YOUR BREAKFAST ! Your body needs energy. Whatever the time is make sure you have something to eat.

Those to-go shops seems so easy, but I pack my lunch for on the way. Saves money and you have all the vitamins needed.

As i’m so busy I still make sure to have my two liters water a day and so should you !


Prepare the night before and you can start your day fresh !  Which one will you use tomorrow morning ?


one love,


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