I love mondays

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I love mondays










You may think why do i love mondays?

I start my week on a sunday. I have my agenda, a purpose and a personal goal attached to it. 

I make a weekly scheduele. So everything that needs to be done has a priority.

Have a daily to-do-list for things that comes up unannounced. Reward yourself after you smashed your goal.

Do you want love your mondays aswell and have a productive week ?

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Have a theme

This will remind you what is important for your business. You cannot handle everything at the same time, so focus on one thing.

It can be customer service, quality, teambonding, workethic , personal development etc. Keep a scheduele and prioritize what is important.

Now have a focus for your theme and I always relate my theme with a personal goal. So for example Team bonding : this week it’s all about the team,

and my personal goal is to bond with my family, so I will take time in my weekend for a family day.



You will plan your week according your agenda.

Plan : Look at your appointments, meetings, fitness scheduele, and important calls you have to make

Socialmedia scheduele : it takes time to write an article, edit a photo and post a blog. That’s why it’s good to have that prepared in advanced. When you read articles through out your week,

make a folder per theme and just copy and paste. Show the behind the scene through instagam, Post a blog and let them follow you through facebook.

Keep in mind, If you wouldnt do it with your boss there, DONT POST IT ! Think of your business imago at all times. People will google you !

Breaks : have breaks, plan them and take breaks. somethimes you need to put your mind on something else. You are not robot. Working on something important can take a lot time

and before you know, you’re starting at that screen for hours now.


To do List.

When it gets busy you tend to forget things. For example a reply to an important email, a checkup call, a friendly reminder or your bestfriend birthday.

Write down all the importance and just simply thick off when completed.



Why are you doing this ? After a long work day you can easily think .. i will finish this next thing in the morning. Having a pupose helps you focus on your goals.

You know why and understand why you’re working so hard. A good reminder for yourself to keep you motivated. Deciding what you want to achieve with your business and separating whats important from what”s irrelevant or just a distraction.


Personal goal

A week can be long and stressfull. When you know something awaits you, it might trigger you to work harder. Like holding a piece of cheese infront of a mouse. He will keep running after untill he can taste the delicious cheese.

Next to business goals, It’s important to have personal goals. Why would you work so hard and not be able to enjoy? Work to live not Live to work.

You will realize working towards a goal and once you achieve your goal, you feel much better. Ending your week good and able to enjoy your weekend.

It can be different for everyone. Im satisfied with a goal as going to the hair dresser, weekend spa with my friend or buying myself those sneakers thats are just waiting for me to buy them.  As long it drives you through your week.

Besides that it will also give you self-confidence, based on succesful achievements.



Your body need energy. If you are not taking care of your body, who will ? Make sure you exercise at least twice a week !!  I always feel more productive and energized after I come back from a nice morning run.

Now a days there are so many apps you can follow. 10 min exercise or a good yoga class. Whatever works for you, Take care of your body !

A motor doesn’t run smoothly with a rusty engine.



one love,





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