12 years and counting success !

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eric touw

12 years and counting success !

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eric touw"Hi Mr. Touw, how are you doing? " How many times do I have to tell you, Natrah ? You can call me Eric" 2003, Ridderkerk.

As I was sitting in a comfy couch staring at the stars through the window in the roof of my (now ex) boyfriends gorgeous big house, i never stopped to wonder what his parents did for a living. It was only years later that I started asking his father about his work. At that time the company where he was working for, thought that they had reached their product life cycle due to the internet. Still, 12 years later this man and his partner are running a successful business. They are happy to share their secrets with us today !




What is C-corbs about ?

Our company is involved in producing materials to make CD's and DVD's. We are a supplier of consumables and materials used for the manufacturing of Optical media and Semiconductor/Photonic devices. Since 2009 we've opened another business, Photovoltaic. It is specialized in the supply of raw materials to leading Solar cell and module manufacturers worldwide.


A lot of entrepreneurs have people who inspire them. Who inspires you ?

Mr Touw, my dad. For 30 years he led one of the largest rubber factories in Holland. He was always honest to his employees and his employees were very positive about him. Other people who inspire me are Bill gates and Steve Jobs.

How did you come up with the idea to start a business?

I've always wanted to start a business ever since I finished school. At that time I wanted to open a boutique in Maassluis, but every time there was something that came in between. The thoughts of running an own business were always on my mind and in 2004 I got an opportunity and I just took it!

How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

A driven relationship manager who always pushes through. A sales man needs to have the drive to sell, but what makes me different, is that they like to do business with me. I'll make sure that they are fond of me, I always keep my promise and give them a little more than what they expect in the end.


What makes you different from your competitors?

We have designed our own products which makes it cheaper for the clients. A client needs a target and patent. We provide both, which can save the client tons of money. Other than that we have a good relationship with our customers, which is very important!

There were probably some problems along your journey. How do you deal with them?

Simply solve them! You need to be flexible with situations, sometimes you can solve a problem right away and some can take longer to solve.

Do you have tips for other entrepreneurs out there?

A good tip for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in an existing branch, is to be different. You can be different in a lot of ways. Whether you give good quality, good service etc.

Make sure to have a good business plan and if it's possible with a forecast!


Hope you guys enjoyed this read ! Wanna know who we are interviewing next week? Keep posted !


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