How do i get customers?! #kvk

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How do i get customers?! #kvk

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Last week was a dilemma for a few, the national rivals Feyenoord VS ajax started at 20.00 and the webinar at 20.30. So ask yourself what is more important? Luckily I made some notes so we can enjoy both. It was 60 minutes of usefull information. They kept it educational, simple but with very good content.

How do you distinguish yourself from others ?

Simple maths : problem + solution = customers. What they mean is keep it simple. Figure out what problem the customers are having, create a solution for them and you have your product. Try to look at it, from a customers view. Next to a product its important to give the customer some added value, for example quality of a good product. Take extra time to really think about what value you actual give them, this will make you unique from your competitors aswell.


Network, Network and network

Socialmedia is free and available for anyone to just grab. The one they discussed is Linkedin. They invited Linkedin Specialist Perry van Beek, Asked him some best tips for linkedin.

  1. Make sure you have a good profile picture. no vacay pictures, but a professional picture where you can see your face clearly. If possible state what you do. So if you are a singer try to have a microphone, a model a good portofolio picture etc..
  2. Spend 20 minutes a day on networking and interacting with your linkedin recommended list.
  3. Have a good summary. Explain why it is your passion and why you started your business. This will make it easy for companies to connect with you.
  4. Share or post something online.
  5. Get involved in one of those discussion panels and share your view.
  6. Ask if you can use your networks name to generate new network.



Ofcourse you may think everyone is your  target audience, but unless you’re a doctor, police or the goverment you need to specialize. I know thats hard. Here you have something to help you get your target audience;

Describe your  ideal client. Where do I find them? How old are they ? What are they doing ?

Look at your competitors, How do they get their customers and now you do it better.

Analyze your market


Keep up to date : follow a studie, language or cursus



Focus, think of your client

How you present yourself

Share your knowledge

Garantee your succes of your product and always with quality

Know your qualities and be the best at what your good at

After sale

Take care of your client



Only take and give nothing in return

Sharing negativity

Try to be good in everything and ending up with doing everything 50 %


Which one are you going to apply for your business ?


















Syahidahnatrah Pula

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