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The queue doesn’t seem like it got any shorter since I passed by two hours ago. The place is packed and there are still people lining up, eager to get in, did i mention.. It is already 2.13 o clock  in the morning. – CHIPS, Every thursday.

Today we are interviewing André Marques,22, owner of D.O.T. Entertainment B.V. / Marq de Triomphe B.V.


While the place is full and there are still people queuing to even get into the club, there is this very relaxed aura around him. It doesn’t even seem like he is working. He get things done and if it’s up to him, he would do everything on his own, just to be sure its done properly. You can’t buy succes. Its hard work and understanding the business. Its knowing why you work so hard and see the bigger picture. One of the things what makes him successful, is because he realized it at a young age, dré is only 22 and is now chasing his dreams

If you ask me, this is only the beginning.



What do you do?

I produce music and lifestyle events and own an entertainment company that provides the whole ‘party-lifestyle’ package. Chips, Dips, Nachtraaf, Triangle, De Bourgeoisie are some of the party concepts that I’m behind.

Why did you started this business?

4 years ago a friend of mine asked me to help him with  organizing a party of his, because he thought my network could be helpful. After that event I fell in love with the event-business and started my first own event. Working on new and diverse projects enhances my creativity, because every project demands new and innovative ideas. It drives me to work harder, knowing that I can be the one to help people escape from reality for a night, by visiting my events. It drives me even more knowing that my team inspires other people to co-create and sometimes even to start their own business.


What were the struggles you were having at the beginning?

In this business it is of utmost importance to be aware of new business developments and to analyze trends. That alone is a fulltime job, but until a few months ago I had to combine those activities with a Bachelor in Business Administration at the Erasmus University  and organizing music/art events in Rotterdam. It was quite hectic and a bit hard to manage sometimes, but I graduated four months ago so there is more time to run my company.



What are goals you want to achieve in five years?

I already planted some seeds in Indonesia and Singapore this year, but in five years from now I want to have an international reach with my events. I also want to expand here, organize multiple outdoor festivals and co-create with big named brands. Synergy.


Any proud achievements you want to share with us?

Yup. We founded Chips a year ago and it has become a well-known brand in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Because of that we had the chance to host an afterparty of the official Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore and to give our own show in Jakarta, Indonesia. We also got nominated for the best club night of 2015..unfortunately we did not win, but the nomination was cool though.

Secret : 

Do not be afraid to mess up and make mistakes. Making mistakes is a good thing, if you learn from them. And even though life has its surprises sometimes, try not to get demotivated if things do not immediately work out  the way you wanted or expected it to go. Believe in your own power and always strive for more, it’ll keep you sharp and focused. Oh and a last thing, asking people for help does not mean you’re incapable of succeeding on your own, it means that you are not afraid of sharing success in order to achieve more.



Wanna have a good time with a drink, hangout or dance all night ? You should definitely stop by at CHIPS

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