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Expensify app

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Getting crazy of those receipt you forgot to ask, lost or do you just put it a bag and arrange it at the end of the year  ? I always keep my administration and you’ll see me once a week ordering that. Well no more ! I start using this app and it saved me time !  You have your phone with you everywhere, especially when you are traveling and you need to be available for work. So this is a great solution. Read moreeeeee !



1 . Smartscan

Take a picture of the receipt and it will save right away !

2. Distance

It has a distance keeper, odometer and GPS.

You can either manually insert you miles or through odometer you can take a picture of your meters and fill in your end meters

my personal favourite is the gps, I just click start and when im home again I simply click stop

3 Expense

You can also make a report, expenses and trips. Now you can have a clear view of your financial expenses at one glance.

4. Time.

Time is just everything for a business. You can meassure your work accurate. You can see how many hour you spend on it and then decide your price for example. Know your numbers ! It is Key to a succesfull business


Which app are you using ?






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