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Doura rijschool

Thank you for believing in me, because of you I have my license now ! ” Ridderkerk, 2015


Two days untill the exam, Malika hears her little one crying in the background. She

continues to read:  ”When you come from the right, you have to proceed because…”. One minute later she is hanging her head above the toilet because she’s pregnant.

A week has past. All she can think of is passing her exam. She’s feeling nausious and dizzy but she won’t let it show to her driversteacher. She doesn’t want to postpone the date. She knows she won’t have the time to pass her exam after she delivers her new baby.
She takes deep breathes en forces herself to think of nothing but the drive. She concentrates on the road and is as calm as possible.
Every curvy road she drives she feel more and more dizzy but she continues to hit the road without any complaint. Even when the driver tells her to drive faster.

At the end of the drive she she hears the magical words: YOU PASSED! Through all this negativity she still managed to get something postive out of it.
This inspired her to begin her own driversschool who provides good service to women, especially those in need.



What is Doura all about?

An driverschool for women-only. We provide quality with good service for a good price !


Why ?

There are so many reasons why I decided to start an own company.

I want to change the stereotype people get from a Morrocan woman. Im born as a proud Morrocan and moved to Holland when I was just six years old. I want to show the society and encourage other women to get out there comfortzone and to show them they can be the ‘perfect housewifey ” take care of the kids and still can have something for yourself.  Looking at my childeren I want to be able to provide everything what they need. Look at the education system nowadays. I want to make sure my childeren are able to go to college without to worry. Another reason why I started for myself is because I need to be flexible with my time. Having your company means you are your own boss and you are in control of your time, which is perfect because i have four childeren to take care off.

“Never let anyone stop you from making your dreams come through”


I had to convince my husband why I wanted to start an own company. He has a good job and we can live from his income. Eventually when you communicate and love each other there is always a way !

I was studying, but I’m also a mom. You can’t just say I’m working now, baby please stop crying. A two year old  baby wont understand that. My husband was working. So I was alone. There were so many moments that I wanted to stop, but when I looked into the eyes of my childeren, they gave me strength again.


A driversschool with quality, good service and especially to be safe on the road.





If you are looking for a driverschool with quality, good service for an affordable price ! Don’t look further ! This amazing woman is very patient and knows what she is doing. I’ve enjoyed all my classes with her.  WOMEN ONLY !





For more information  contact us !




with love




Editor : Afaf najua pula

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