Creating the right mindset

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Creating the right mindset

Have you noticed when you don’t feel well, having a bad day and everything seems to go wrong?

You’ve probably gave up when you woke up late and missed the bus or cant find your keys.

STOP.  Count to 10 take a deep breath. Today is your day just like every other day when you wake-up.

Starting a business is your journey with good and tough times, learn to enjoy the experience, don’t let a bad mindset ruin that.


Observe and think

Is it mentally or physically ? Maybe your just tired or you had a fight with your partner whatever it is,

you obviously are not okay. Ask yourself : Can i change something at this moment? If so, do it.

If not, just let it go.


10 min rest

Stop what your doing and put your mind on something what makes you happy or can give you a calm feeling.

Watch a motivation video, meditate or go get some fresh air.


Look at it from a different point of view

We all have different backgrounds and a way of thinking.  Never assume you know what they mean without understanding.

If something is not clear just ask for confirmation.


Have visions and goals

Figure out what is it what you want to achieve with your company? Why are you going to work ?

Some people just go to work, because they ‘have to ‘. You just started a business think for yourself

What do I want to achieve ? How am I going to get it ? What kind of lifestyle do I want? knowing what you want

will help you focus and motivated.


Challenge yourself

Startups love challenges. They like to take a risk and go for it. It will create life in your business so you

don’t have the feeling as if your doing the same thing everyday.


Realize you do have control over your responds

Though we can react very emotional sometimes. Figure out why you react in that way?

you have more power than you actual think. Try it !


Stop comparing

Though we can be very competitive, don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Its good to have someone as a role model, but understand we all have different problems to deal with.

If you focus on yourself instead of others you will have some rest in your head.



Now you have the right mindset. . PROTECT IT. People who want to drag you into their negativity, bad conversations and simply situations where you don’t feel comfortable in.

If you have more tips feel free to share !



One love,



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