Break off your week

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Break off your week

When you’re busy time flies and before you know it, Its weekend. We also have times that we think : IS IT FRIDAY YET? I can’t change the days or time, what I can do is break my week into parts to keep myself motivated and driven. Here is how I get through my week without stress!

SuperSunday – As I mentioned before I like to prepare my week and in order to get the most out of it I start my week off on a Sunday.

I look at my agenda, appointments and try to figure out what I want for this week’s theme. I prepare my social media content, check my schedule meetings to attend and important calls to make.  Mentally prepare myself and my mind can switch from weekend to work modus. Also do I check for any birthdays or family events. I started a business because I didn’t want to miss out on any of it. So I make sure I schedule a balanced week.


WomenWednesday – Two days working. Find out for yourself what can make you relax. This morning I went for a good morning run and had a good Malaysian breakfast. I feel like its Monday again. Full of energy and idea’s. Schedule all your ‘light’ work here. I make sure I don’t do anything that can stress me out. You decide how to schedule your week remember !


Happy Fridays – #that-feeling-when-you-just-finished-all-your-work-and-you-can-finally-go-celebrate-your-weekend ! Switch your business mind and turn your relax button on. Try not to talk about work. Workaholic as I am I will do a few things Saturday. Thing is..Your always busy with work and your mind feels like you’re working every time. Stop doing it and start enjoying your weekend. If you hit your goal, you deserve it !

Tip : you can do this also with your day. Follow our blog for more information !


Work to live NOT live to work,





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