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How family business can be a great succes

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”What time is it ? Really ? I guess it’s true when they said time flies when you’re having fun” Eindhoven, 2011

”Do you have gas and light running through the building? Great! The only thing what I did for most of your neighbours is just checking if we can save money on your energybill. I guess you have no time to do it your self, thats why we are here for you.”

Everyone needs gas and light to live in their house. What most of us still don’t know is that you can choose your own supplier and save your energybill. Just like Shell and BP, if there are two gas stations next to each other and shell asks $1.50 litre and B.P provides $1.30 litre, where would you tank? Exactly. Why would you pay more for the exact same product? Luckily, nowadays people are getting more awareness and it can really save your bill. Now I can imagine you don’t have interest to find out which company is cheaper and how much it can save you and all the things you need to do for it. So thats why we have these guys that do all the paper work for you! They will show you exactly how much it will save you! I mean if nothing changes and you can save money. Who cares about the logo right?



They had to prove themselves because they just started, with no papers and as two “young boys”. At that time Dennis was 21 and Robin just turned 19. They made a deal to make 40 deals for that period. People did not think this was manageable. And they were right. They did not make 40 deals that period. They made 50! This duo gives a good example of – Turn your passion into work and you will never have to work again. ”A day of work flies by. I don’t even feel like I’m working. Selling your personality in combination with a good product equals sales.”


What are you guys doing?

Profit Supply aims to save your cost on your energy bill. Most companies want to give you a disccount just for the first year because you are a new customer. Profit Supply is looking for ways to keep giving discount even the year after.


Ever since we were little we wanted to start a business together.  We were already in the energy market and we saw that the companies could only give the customers a discount for the first year, we felt so bad. So now we came up with a solution to give them discount every year.

Friends vs Work

Make good choices with who you want to do business with. When you become their boss it is sometimes hard to tell them what to do, without sounding bossy. The switch from friend to boss can cause a lot of conflicts. So choose wisely.


What are your goals?

We are now based in just some parts of Holland, We want to go national.


Tips for

What is the your main secret what no one else can know about?


I would have made less costs. Thats a big tip I wanna share with other entrepreneurs. We work with a system where we get payed after the contract are verified. But the employees had to get payed for this month. It can be tricky so try make as little costs as possible !






Do you have gas and/or light ?

Do you wanna save money  ?

If you answered yes two times and you don’t want to do anything fot it, let them do it for you !


For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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with love




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Caza kimpeman

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”You just wait and see, one day i’ll become an artist!” Ridderkerk, 2004

He was born as Ucahzo Hoogdoro with music through his ears, because of his father. At the tender age of five he joined talent shows. Soon he got noticed and people started booking him for birthdays, events and many more.

He is part of the notorious group LMC-ADF and has had some featurings with one of the members of the group who happens to be one of the most well-known rappers of today, Ronnieflex. Today Ucahzo is known as Caza Kimpeman, released his own track ‘Loop voor de Kazen’ and dropped his EP last year called “Kimpeman”. This young talent is 23 years old and determined to make it.


Get your pre-orders NOW

What is it that you do ?

I make music. From Rap, Hip-Hop to Electronic and everyday music. I blend different styles of music together.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

As an international artist who’s made a lot of hits and is stacking a lot of money.

What are some of your proudest achievements?

The life Im living right now. That is being able to turn my passion in to work. Making others happy with my music.


Tips for the readers

If I could do it all over again, I would start with focusing on my career a lot sooner, so i could have achieved my goals at a younger age.

No regrets because this made you the person you are today

Stay close to the real you, look back and reflect and keep believing in yourself.



For more information about Caza Kimpeman, Dont hesitate to ask !

Follow him !

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with love 





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eric touw

12 years and counting success !

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eric touw"Hi Mr. Touw, how are you doing? " How many times do I have to tell you, Natrah ? You can call me Eric" 2003, Ridderkerk.

As I was sitting in a comfy couch staring at the stars through the window in the roof of my (now ex) boyfriends gorgeous big house, i never stopped to wonder what his parents did for a living. It was only years later that I started asking his father about his work. At that time the company where he was working for, thought that they had reached their product life cycle due to the internet. Still, 12 years later this man and his partner are running a successful business. They are happy to share their secrets with us today !




What is C-corbs about ?

Our company is involved in producing materials to make CD's and DVD's. We are a supplier of consumables and materials used for the manufacturing of Optical media and Semiconductor/Photonic devices. Since 2009 we've opened another business, Photovoltaic. It is specialized in the supply of raw materials to leading Solar cell and module manufacturers worldwide.


A lot of entrepreneurs have people who inspire them. Who inspires you ?

Mr Touw, my dad. For 30 years he led one of the largest rubber factories in Holland. He was always honest to his employees and his employees were very positive about him. Other people who inspire me are Bill gates and Steve Jobs.

How did you come up with the idea to start a business?

I've always wanted to start a business ever since I finished school. At that time I wanted to open a boutique in Maassluis, but every time there was something that came in between. The thoughts of running an own business were always on my mind and in 2004 I got an opportunity and I just took it!

How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

A driven relationship manager who always pushes through. A sales man needs to have the drive to sell, but what makes me different, is that they like to do business with me. I'll make sure that they are fond of me, I always keep my promise and give them a little more than what they expect in the end.


What makes you different from your competitors?

We have designed our own products which makes it cheaper for the clients. A client needs a target and patent. We provide both, which can save the client tons of money. Other than that we have a good relationship with our customers, which is very important!

There were probably some problems along your journey. How do you deal with them?

Simply solve them! You need to be flexible with situations, sometimes you can solve a problem right away and some can take longer to solve.

Do you have tips for other entrepreneurs out there?

A good tip for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in an existing branch, is to be different. You can be different in a lot of ways. Whether you give good quality, good service etc.

Make sure to have a good business plan and if it's possible with a forecast!


Hope you guys enjoyed this read ! Wanna know who we are interviewing next week? Keep posted !


with love,





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Expensify app

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Getting crazy of those receipt you forgot to ask, lost or do you just put it a bag and arrange it at the end of the year  ? I always keep my administration and you’ll see me once a week ordering that. Well no more ! I start using this app and it saved me time !  You have your phone with you everywhere, especially when you are traveling and you need to be available for work. So this is a great solution. Read moreeeeee !



1 . Smartscan

Take a picture of the receipt and it will save right away !

2. Distance

It has a distance keeper, odometer and GPS.

You can either manually insert you miles or through odometer you can take a picture of your meters and fill in your end meters

my personal favourite is the gps, I just click start and when im home again I simply click stop

3 Expense

You can also make a report, expenses and trips. Now you can have a clear view of your financial expenses at one glance.

4. Time.

Time is just everything for a business. You can meassure your work accurate. You can see how many hour you spend on it and then decide your price for example. Know your numbers ! It is Key to a succesfull business


Which app are you using ?






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