Fo-ur is pronounced as number four. The logo represent a powerhouse standing on four pillars. The world instead of the letter O is because we are online and worldwide available. The internet helped us doing businesses all over the world. We like to travel and we believe there are opportunities anywhere. The four pillars representing four elements ; Business coaching, Sales & marketing, online businesses and brand you & your company.


Business coaching

We give business coach to startups that just started a business and are now looking to get more out of their business. We help you market your product or services. Read more here

Sales & marketing

We believe sales en marketing comes together as a duo like gas and a car. The car needs gasoline to go forward. We give sales trainings to individuals and for groups. We help you understand the sales process. Increase your sales,  improve your quality and have longterm customers together.  Read more here

Online business

Almost everything is online available. For some businesses they do everything online. Your website plays a big role now. Most startups spend thousands of euros on a website because they think its' the right thing to do. A website without actions to buy your product or service is a waste of money. We help you optimize your online business and replace time, money and energy waste on other things. Read more


Business meets fashion.

As you are busy running a business, you might not have enough time to spend it on searching for the latest trends. We now provide a blog where you have all the latest news where business meets fashion. Helping you to brand YOU and your business. From shoes to the best network event places. Read more


A young company that takes you through an informal, relaxing but interactive progress. We focus on results and self improvement.

The reason why we started this company is because we live by a motto :


"work to live, not live to work"


Chase your dreams and dont let society decide how you should live your life. Being financial independent and being able to do what you love. Find out and explore what your skills are. Turning your hobby into a job and you will never have to work again.




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