8 tips to keep yourself on top of your game !

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8 tips to keep yourself on top of your game !


Knowledge is power, 24 hours can fly away without you even realizing. Don’t let any day pass you by without learning something. There are enough gadgets you can use that makes it easier for you to access. It’s yours to take !

Follow the News.

Know what is happening in the world. The news is your main source of global and general information.  Nowadays people use ‘app-texting-words and shortcuts’ that we use it our daily conversations. Our grammar fades slowly away. The news maintains good grammar and language.

Read a book

Education is pricessless and you’re never to old for knowledge. By reading you can explore and create more content and ideas for your business. Read a book an half hour before you go to bed, it helps you to go to bed faster and it calms you down.

Take an online cursus

As you’re busy running a business. You probably cant manage time to go to school next to your job. An online cursus is perfect. They usualy give you online material and they give you the examn dates and you can choose whats best for you. It might be challenging, but there are enough succes stories to read !

Fashion News

When you are going to a meeting you’re representing your business. Brand yourself keep your self updated for the latest trends. Follow your fashion gurus on facebook,  instagram or online magazines. follow us

Know your job

Time keep changing make sure you’re on top of your own game. There are enough competitors arround. Learn more about your industry. Be prepared and one step ahead.


Before you get out of bed, at the busstation or even when you’re in a line to buy something, there must be free time during your day. If you’re looking at your phone you might aswell watch something educative. They have good speeches, you can decide for yourself how many minutes or the topics. Good if you’re looking for inspiration for writing content.

Learn a new language

Customers can be everywhere. You make things easier if you actually speak the same language.  I can communicate in four languages. I would love to learn more !


Learn about different cultures

During business events you tend to meet new people. What I find beautifull is we all have different cultures and everyone have their own moral and values. I wouldn’t want to insult anyone, so the least you can do is read a bit about their culture.


What are your ways to keep yourself educated?





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