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The queue doesn’t seem like it got any shorter since I passed by two hours ago. The place is packed and there are still people lining up, eager to get in, did i mention.. It is already 2.13 o clock  in the morning. – CHIPS, Every thursday. Today we are interviewing André Marques,22, owner of

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Entrepreneurship has no age limit, is not gender based nor time based. It depends on how you manage your time. It gives her the freedom to run a business and to take care of her family. According to Wikipedia “Statistics show that in 2012, Asia-Pacific increased their international sales over 30% giving them over $433 billion

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“Who is Niko? Is it a person ? ” Annabel, 14 january 2016 Jeff and Freddie were sitting in the tram in Amsterdam, brainstorming about a name for this new concept they have been working on. A concept that today is notorious for being an infamous street magnet that attracts all the cool kids from the

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Doura rijschool

‘Thank you for believing in me, because of you I have my license now ! ” Ridderkerk, 2015   Two days untill the exam, Malika hears her little one crying in the background. She continues to read:  ”When you come from the right, you have to proceed because…”. One minute later she is hanging her head above the toilet because she’s pregnant. A

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How family business can be a great succes

”What time is it ? Really ? I guess it’s true when they said time flies when you’re having fun” Eindhoven, 2011 ”Do you have gas and light running through the building? Great! The only thing what I did for most of your neighbours is just checking if we can save money on your energybill.

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Caza kimpeman

”You just wait and see, one day i’ll become an artist!” Ridderkerk, 2004 He was born as Ucahzo Hoogdoro with music through his ears, because of his father. At the tender age of five he joined talent shows. Soon he got noticed and people started booking him for birthdays, events and many more. He is

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eric touw

12 years and counting success !

“Hi Mr. Touw, how are you doing? ” How many times do I have to tell you, Natrah ? You can call me Eric” 2003, Ridderkerk. As I was sitting in a comfy couch staring at the stars through the window in the roof of my (now ex) boyfriends gorgeous big house, i never stopped

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Expensify app

Getting crazy of those receipt you forgot to ask, lost or do you just put it a bag and arrange it at the end of the year  ? I always keep my administration and you’ll see me once a week ordering that. Well no more ! I start using this app and it saved me

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How do i get customers?! #kvk

Last week was a dilemma for a few, the national rivals Feyenoord VS ajax started at 20.00 and the webinar at 20.30. So ask yourself what is more important? Luckily I made some notes so we can enjoy both. It was 60 minutes of usefull information. They kept it educational, simple but with very good

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Secrets on closing a deal

You can say one thing and mean something else. You can easily read their body language if they are ready to close a deal. Sales Tigers are very good at this. They use their body to strengthen their words. The only thing you have to do is say the word they need to hear at

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Creating the right mindset

Have you noticed when you don’t feel well, having a bad day and everything seems to go wrong? You’ve probably gave up when you woke up late and missed the bus or cant find your keys. STOP.  Count to 10 take a deep breath. Today is your day just like every other day when you wake-up.

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Break off your week

When you’re busy time flies and before you know it, Its weekend. We also have times that we think : IS IT FRIDAY YET? I can’t change the days or time, what I can do is break my week into parts to keep myself motivated and driven. Here is how I get through my week

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Tips to get through your week !

When you’re busy time flies and before you know it, Its weekend. We also have times that we think : IS IT FRIDAY YET? I can’t change the days or time, what I can do is break my week into parts to keep myself motivated and driven. Here is how I get through my week

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Need a few extra minutes in the morning ?

Want to know how to save those oh-so-precious minutes in the morning ? These five tips can help you save time in the morning   Have a purpose Take a good night rest. Before you go to sleep,  tell yourself what you’re going to do tomorrow and why. Make sure every day counts ! Tip

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8 tips to keep yourself on top of your game !

  Knowledge is power, 24 hours can fly away without you even realizing. Don’t let any day pass you by without learning something. There are enough gadgets you can use that makes it easier for you to access. It’s yours to take ! Follow the News. Know what is happening in the world. The news

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I love mondays

                You may think why do i love mondays? I start my week on a sunday. I have my agenda, a purpose and a personal goal attached to it.  I make a weekly scheduele. So everything that needs to be done has a priority. Have a daily to-do-list for things that

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Europe biggest outdoor cinema in Rotterdam.

From 1 august until 30 august 2015 you can get your free seats ‘ fo-ur’ europe biggest outdoor cinema at Museumpark Rotterdam. By supporting us, you can make your day cheaper at the ‘ plein bioscoop’. step one : like our page or follow us on instagram step two : choose one of the given

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Finally were online. im so excited to share the ins and outs of our company. Though the website is still under constructions, i couldn’t wait to go online. If you are a startup this website may make things easier for your business.  Our unique way to professionally combine business and fashion is a part of

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